11 reasons to attend a university open day

11 reasons to attend a university open day

Attending an open day at university can take away your doubts and numerous questions you have about the university, campus, accommodation and course. Attending an open day with your child can be an amazing experience for you. It will give you a perfect idea of where you will be sending your kids, what kind of environment they will be living in and what their life will be in their years at the university. If you are a student attending an open day on your own, you can still benefit from the visit a lot with the help of friendly university staff.

  1. Reality check: Attending an open day can be an eye-opening experience. It can help you finalize the university you want your child to go to.

  2.  Course requirements: You get a chance to interact with the professors and current students. You can also discuss the demands of the course and options that your child will have after this degree.

  3. Extra-curricular: You will also be able to see various extra-curricular activities that take place on the campus and where your child can also participate.

  4. Graduate employment prospect: It will give you an insight into the graduate employment rate of the university. This will directly give you an idea about the career prospects of your child.

  5. More options: Open day will also give you an opportunity to consider other relevant courses, which are not on your top list. If you are not satisfied with one university or the course modules, you can always check out other universities.

  6. Meet potential friends: You will also be able to interact with other prospective students or parents. This will also give you an opportunity to know about the potential friend circle of your child. It is very important that you know what kind of students your child is in contact with.

  7. Facilities on and around campus: You will also be able to see the facilities your child will enjoy in the university. If you visit the campus, you will be able to check out the library, places to hang out and facilities at the campus.

  8. Check the location: You will also be able to see the location of the university campus and decide on where you would like to apply for an accommodation.

  9. A day at university: By attending an open day will help you to know what it is to spend a day at the university. It will also give you an experience in your child’s potential future days.

  10. Informal conversation: By visiting a university with your child, you will be able to discuss their future plans on a more informal level. It will also tell you about the dedication of your child towards the course and university.  

  11. Confidence: You never know, this might be the beginning of your new relation with your child, which is more confident, strong and communicative.

You should plan to visit more than one university. Reserve a place on the opening day before you visit the university. However, if you can’t afford to visit the university at the open day, then you should try to arrange the virtual tours and guiding sessions. You can find information about events at ukuni events page .   

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