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UKuni is the number one choice for international students wanting to study in the UK. Use UKuni to search, compare and apply to UK universities. We are focused on providing non-bias, up to date and useful information for international students based in the UK or in their home country.
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Why is UKuni free?
UKuni is an application portal that can assist you to apply to universities in the UK. We are an official recruitment representative of universities in the UK, meaning that the universities fund our activities to assist students to enrol on their courses.
How many universities can I apply to?
We have over 100 universities on the website. If we do not have the university, pathway provider or course listed on our website, don't worry! Just let one of our advisors know and we can add it for you. The maximum number of applications through the platform is 5.
Does UKuni provide scholarships?
Scholarships are often partial and competitive to obtain, but our UKuni advisors will try their best to help you find a course that offers the best value scholarship.
What happens after I submit my application?
You will be assigned a personal advisor who will directly communicate with and support you throughout your application process - from checking your documents, helping you with the course and university choices, as well as keeping you updated with your offers and CAS.
What help can I get after applying to the university?
We can help you take care of the whole process, from accepting offers to dealing with accommodation. Our advisors are always here to give you help!.
Can you help with my visa?
No problem. UKuni is an accredited visa immigration advisor in the UK. We are legally allowed to provide students with UK visa advice and can even process visas on your behalf.

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UKuni features data from official UK government and recognised UK Higher Education authorities. UKuni has data retrieved from statistical analysis of the student application data we have amassed over the years by helping thousands of international students to study in the UK. Some of our data providers are listed below.