Article for applying to study in the UK

What is an MPA degree?

MPA is like MBA, but it is slightly different qualification, although they sound similar. This article perfectly answers what MPA is and how is it different from MBA?



Building the Future of Architecture

It's been 13 years since Dame Zaha Hadid made history receiving the prestigious Pritzker Prize, becoming the first woman getting the award. She is our inspiration to bring you some options to study Architecture in the UK


How to Save Big on Student Accommodation

Staying in UK can be a bit extravagant whether it is a university hall or privately rented accommodation. Here are some tips about how you can save money on your accommodation in the UK.


10 things to do in London this December

In London, there are always something going on. Click here to find out what you can do this December in London!


UK tops International Student satisfaction for Undergrad education

UK Universities top student satisfaction ranking for undergrad study and the satisfaction rate of international students is higher than its overall competitor countries.


Interview with a Law student - Tina Huan

Interested about studying law in the UK? Step into our interview with the Tina Huan who just graduated with distinction LLM at University of Bristol.


Kanye West lectured in Oxford University

In March 2015, Kanye West addressed the Oxford Guild Society, which is an Oxford University Student group. Now the video has been released!


Student survival guide to living in Liverpool

Starting in a new place is an exciting adventure. Our survival guide for students living in Liverpool will tell you exactly what you can do when you move to Liverpool!


Introducing IELTS Writing

Some universities require a higher score for writing element depending on the subject and level of studies. Click here to find out how to get a higher score in IELTS Writing.


How to cope with depression in the UK

Beginning your university life in UK can also be stressful. Here is your guide to coping with depression in the UK.



Top Winter Destination in Europe (Part 1)

Winter break is just around the corner, not sure what to do yet? Take a look at the top winter destinations we have picked especially for you, this is only part 1!


University of Southampton: Turning your dreams into reality

Since the beginning, the University has been growing rapidly and is counted amongst Top Universities in the UK. Today, University of Southampton has seven fully equipped campuses, six in the UK and one campus in Malaysia.


Masters in English Literature from UK university

Masters degree in English allows you to explore the wealth of literature across periods and geographies.


Studying Law in the UK

With its long-standing history and influences, the UK holds a special place on the legal world stage. There are always some reasons for you studying law in the UK.



What you need to do before you come to UWE Bristol?

Here are a few things new international students need to make sure they have done before they come to start their course at UWE Bristol.


Taking IELTS for UKVI as an international student

The UK government has announced key changes in the language testing system for visa applications. Some students will have to take IELTS for UKVI in order to make a successful visa application.


The University of Westminster – The Complete Student Guide

Each year, more than 20,000 students choose the University of Westminster and in this complete guide we look at why.


Student guide to staying safe in the UK

As an International student travelling to the UK can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You should be aware of the safety and security issues to protect yourself from the unforeseen.


Study in Scotland for International Students

Scotland has some of the best universities in the world. According to a recent survey, graduates from Scottish universities find employment or are pursuing further studies within six months.


Guide to the National Health Service in the UK for international students

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s state healthcare system. International students need to register with NHS in order to use the service.


Study Creative Writing courses in literary UK

Studying creative writing course in the UK is step you should take to complete your dream to be a writer. This article enlists courses you can study in the UK.


A place to improve your career prospects - Cardiff Met University

Do you dream of improving your career prospects, pay and finding a better job? Well we’re with you every step of the way here at Cardiff Metropolitan University.



How to apply for IELTS in the UK - Infographic!

Taking an IELTS exam can have a reputation of being quite difficult, but don't worry! Our team has put together an useful infographic of the overall process of taking the IELTS exam in the UK, take a look!


3 steps to choosing the right UK university

The task of selecting the right university and course is a very daunting decision. Here is your 3-step guide choosing the right UK university for you.


How to be super energised for a monday morning

We understand that being a morning person is a challenging task. However, it’s not impossible. Starting your day with these tips would be very helpful! Click to find out more.


GMAT vs. GRE: what is the difference?

In addition to IELTS, some universities require students to submit a GMAT or GRE result as part of the application. This article points out the differences between a GMAT paper and a GRE paper.


Queen's University, Belfast: A Russell Group University

Queen’s University Belfast is the ninth oldest university in the UK and it has been awarded 8th position in REF 2014. According to subject ranking, 15 subjects offered by the university are counted amongst top 10 in the UK.


We need to talk about... Mental Health

Here are some amazing UK initiatives helping to turn down barriers on mental health stigma, from universities campaigns, trained barbershops to motivational street art.


University of Stirling Postgraduate Scholarships

University of Stirling provides a nurturing environment for all its staff and students. Numerous scholarships, excellent sport facilities and on-campus accommodation are some of the perks. Click to know more.


Queen's University Belfast has two taught master degrees you need to know about.

The university is currently ranked 7th in the UK for Agriculture, Forestry and Food according to the Guardian University Guide 2016